Welcome and About Me

Welcome to this space. 
This blog started on 1/1/10 as an extension of my "photo a day for a year" project.  
My old blog header, one of my favorite photos from my first 365 days.
Married to my best friend and mama to my amazing children, I'm am enjoying spousing, parenting, educating, living, growing, and creating (and biking, walking, napping, reading, and of course, making pictures). 
My old point and shoot
I'm practicing hopeful non-attachment, choosing happiness & shining light in my sphere of influence. I'm a fan of real food and slow living. I'm goofy and strange and just want you to like me (but if you don't it's cool, because I'm not attached to it, lol!). A former elementary school teacher and homeschooler, I pay attention to education issues and sometimes speak loudly and wave my arms about things. 

Again, you are warmly welcomed here.