Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh, the moon!

So, the moon rose full and beautiful over our backyard mountain last night.  Gorgeous.  Truly.  And, I messed up capturing it royally (although I NAILED the deep blue color of the sky - completely by accident!).
2013-03-26 Truth be told, I mostly use my fancy schmancy camera on auto most of the time.  So, tonight, I'm out freezing my butt off, trying not only to remember what to adjust my settings to, but how to even do it on my bleeping camera.  Sigh.  Back to moon school for me (that was one of my favorite posts, so here's the link again for those who just skimmed over that...moon school).  Good news is, this gives me a nice goal - to work on capturing the moon rise over the next several months (especially as it warms up).

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