Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 361/365 Stretch!

This photo, one of the series used for our trampoline set up stop motion video, makes me smile.  All of us stretched out like that.  We accidentally assembled the frame upside down and had to flip it over.  It was quite a comical undertaking, made possible by the fact that (for some strange reason unknown to me) we have a rope hanging from a tree in the front yard.  Paul (who, during this project was known as "He Who Shall Not Swing Mallet") in his neck brace was able to attach the rope so brother Eric and I could lower the frame -- well, anyway, it was pretty funny and I'm so happy to have caught this moment (Annie actually released the shutter on this one).

Here's the video:

Trampoline set-up stop action from Paul Bogush on Vimeo.

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