Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 322/365 Shifting Focus

Shifting Focus
My daily photography practice has given way to a daily practice of walking -- the early morning moments I would spend editing and posting photos are now spent outside greeting the day on foot.  My eye is forever seeing photos as I go though - all that daily photography has made it so I notice details that make the whole walk experience rewarding.
In addition to the daily practice of a morning walk, all of my spare moments have been consumed by my next big thing...that "coming soon" change that I mentioned several posts back:  The Preschool at Shaggyhill Farm, LLC.  Oh, yeah.  It's coming!  A nurturing, developmentally-appropriate, play based, part-time preschool.  I'm so stinking excited I could burst!  Beginning Spring 2012, I plan to begin offering a Friday morning program for children ages 3 and 4 here in my home at the farm, followed by more programs in the Fall.
I'm so thrilled and nearly all of my creative energy is focused on this endeavor right now as I go through the tedious (but necessary) steps in becoming licensed and the fun parts of planning the program (oh, and keeping the doubts at bay!).  Of course, photography is part of it all ~ although I will most likely round out this 365 project by posting once a week.
So much big fun heading this way!

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