Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 257/365 Love of place...

Loving This Place
Summer came to a wooshing, race to the finish end, rolling over me and right into the brief (but intense) back to school season -feeling like a rock tumbling through white rapids and then, suddenly, a void.  So, now as things settle in to a routine and now as I once again can carve out time to care for myself, my family, my home at a quieter pace with less energy needed for immediate concerns - I look around and ack.  Piles.  Dirt.  Clutter.  A sense of not knowing where to start, of wanting to start over, of being somewhat overwhelmed.  Surfing blogs is a wonderful tool for procrastination!  I found Liane Tyrrel's site Enhabiten (we both had photos featured on These Moments) and spent some time pouring over her beautiful pictures.  At first, they just took my breath away.
Photo by Liane Tyrrel

Then, I felt panicky and that everything here is wrong.  And, then the sun rose and filled my home, casting a beautiful glow here and there, highlighting lines and colors along with the dust and rubble.
Loving This Place
Yes, the place is in need of a good and deep tidy, but nothing is wrong unless I say so and so I say it's right.  I need to fall back in love with this place and care for it properly.  I picked up my camera and began to break down the big overwhelm a bit, to focus on a small, tiny bit of beautiful sunshine as it lit up our home.  (Others would have picked a broom and mop and started in on the mess...oh, no, not me!  I have to work up the inspiration first!)
Loving This Place
With the leaning in and the twist of my zoom lens, I cut out the stack of papers on the table and focused on the way the sun shone through a leaf, I eliminated the toppled laundry baskets and discovered the curve of the curtain.  (Process of elimination just happens to be Kat's current photo challenge theme, but I'm too late to link there.)  Oh, and I did wash the dishes in the sink, make my bed, and start a wash.
Loving This Place
I love the photos and am happy to share them.  It is a step in the right direction.  Growing some inspiration (and shrinking some baggage) to tackle some jobs - big and small - around here and to keep perspective and find beauty and a way to coexist with (some of) the detritus of a happy, active, loving family.  Now, to combine this inspiration and perspective with a "just do it" attitude and some elbow grease - because wishing it won't make it happen, and I want it to happen.  Because, I do.  Love this place.

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