Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 210/365 Gerber Daisy at Hartford Hospital and a Ramble about Photography

Gerber Daisy at Hartford Hospital
Is it about photographing a scene and site and place that is picturesque and perfect? Or - is it about finding that picturesque and perfect in the in between? Is it about making an image out of nothing? About finding the 'art' in the unexpected? Or - is it finding the unexpected in the 'art'? Or - is it simply about the moment?..and the exquisite light?

My answer to all of her questions is YES!  Yes, because photography is sometimes one of those or all of those and then it is also other things and combinations of still other things - amazing and wonderful, eh?  After thinking about Marcie's post, I was inspired  to write a bit more about how I am finding photography working in my life right now which I decided to do here on my blog.  Here's the rest of what I would say to Marcie:

Just wanted to add that I'm using photography to cope with a challenging situation.  I have discovered it helps me to be centered and grounded and in the moment -- just a little bit of the moment -- like an eye dropper's worth or the amount that fits in my view finder.  When I am feeling overwhelmed by my dad's perilous health situation - making pictures helps me deal with a more manageable bit of the larger situation -- to just focus on that small bit for a moment, roll it around, work the contrast, adjust the angle, even draw out beauty and art not seen at first glance, a chance to look away from the whole loud and screaming energy of the entire mess and go deep, focused, and quiet for a brief time.  It provides me a different perspective and a chance to soften and exhale during a time when my instinct is to brace for an attack and be holding my breath.  It's a beautiful respite that gives my brain and heart enough space to be more aware and present and protected during the moments when I'm caught up in all of it at once. 
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