Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 91/365 Stumped

Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
I am really feeling at a loss for what to photograph.  
Everything feels dreary and dusty and ordinary.  
I usually love ordinary.  But, dreary, dusty ordinary isn't doing it for me today.
A 365 project is tough at times when I just can't quite grasp what I'm 
looking for ~ when I struggle with seeing things with an artistic eye.  
I hope I'm in a short-lived rut.  
I will try to just chill about it and trust that something will strike me 
in that certain way I've come to love.  
In the meantime, this month's totally optional Creative Every Day theme is 'small'.    
I am considering photographing a small part of something one day 
and the next day show the larger view.  I've done this before and I'm not really *feeling it* in this moment.  It doesn't feel like a tremendously inspired idea right now.
Too recycled.
I don't hate today's photo.  I think it has an interesting quality.  
I have to move on.  I will just go about my day and 
keep an eye tuned the world around me.
In scribbling out this post, it just struck me that I'm feeling pent up and constricted by the too small space of the world around me right now.  Lots of stuck inside at home, at work, in the car, in the harried schedule of things to do.  
I think a little expansiveness 
~ in space and time and variety ~ 
would be lovely right now.  
I'm bored of seeing the same things.  
I'm bored of trying to see the same things in a different way.  
I just plain want to see new things!  
Alrighty then.
There it is.
Of course, too much expansiveness scares the crapola out of me!
Geez, Louise.
It's one of those days!