Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 76/365 View from a Migraine

View from a Migraine
View from a Migraine
My new BFF, Nikko*, arrived yesterday.
I was home sick.
Luckily, in addition to modes such as "landscape", "portrait", and "night time", 
Nikko also has a "migraine" setting.
I was able to snap the bedcovers and the drawn curtains before falling back to sleep.
Already this morning, I can tell this migraine has loosened its grip on me.  
It was a doozy!
I'm looking forward to rejoining the world - although I'm a bit nervous about triggering another episode.  I don't get boring old headaches, I get these fancy numbers that convince me and and those around me that I'm dying.
I'll be happy when this one is far behind me.

*Nikko: pronounced "knee-co"