Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2011 54/365 Oh Deer

Oh Deer
Oh deer
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011

Yesterday I decided to take a side road home from work in the hopes of taking some pictures.  I wasn't alone.  I came upon a car on the side of the road and could see the occupants were checking out a large flock of wild turkeys.  I had cars behind me and decided to drive up, turn around, and then go back.  
Oh deer
When I got to the spot, the turkeys were gone, and then the forest started moving and I began to realize I was surrounded by twenty or so deer.
Oh deer
They were all around me, on both sides of the road, just going about their business.  I rolled down my windows and began to take photos only to discover my memory card was home in the computer!
deer 002
Oh Deer!
I was very limited in the number of shots I could take on my camera's internal drive.
I'll have to go back!
(I told Paul that I can see myself 20 years from now,
 still driving on that stretch of road each day searching for the herd of deer, saying
"No, really, it was right here!")
I was actually thinking this is an interesting lesson in impermanence 
and being in the moment.  
And, thanks to a lovely reader I know the symbolism of the deer totem and I've been thinking about that as well.