Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 52/365 American Girls

American Girls
American Girl Place NYC Trip
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
My sister-in-law and I took our daughters to the American Girl Doll Place in New York City this past weekend.  It was one of their Christmas presents.  We had a wonderful, albeit windy, visit.  I love NYC!  In today's photo you see them gazing out at Grand Central Terminal, dolls peeking out of their backpacks.  
American Girl Place NYC Trip
Annie, in particular, was struck by Grand Central and snapped some photos.  At the restaurant, the dolls are given seats and dishes.  Our dessert was served in a flower pot!  The whole place is pretty nuts, there is a doll hair salon where my niece's doll had her ears pierced!  When we left there was a limousine waiting outside and it was fun to pretend for a moment that it was ours.  
We also enjoyed Rockefeller Center and the Lego Store.
We walked past some wild store windows on our way to FAO Schwarz, 
Times Square, and the M and M store.  
The biggest surprise of the day was bumping into Annie's teacher!