Friday, February 11, 2011

2011 42/365 Soon

Ice Ice Baby!
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
I really like this kooky photo.

I, both,  long for Spring, and am finding the beauty around me now.
Soon there'll be a blossoming.
Now, behind the scenes preparations are taking place.
In the branches.
Always the place of now and the pull of soon.
It can be pleasant with an acceptance of what is and hopeful non-attachment 
for what may be.

This week I have been rather frustrated.
I realized that for each task and project I set out to do,  I had a picture in my mind of how it would go.  Very little has unfolded the way I had pictured.  And, I have been frustrated.   Late in the afternoon on Wednesday at work, after what was "supposed to be" a quick call for service and then involved a time with me on my hands and knees in the firehouse apparatus bay searching for serial numbers, I felt a renewed surge of frustration.  Then, in a flash I saw what was happening and thought instead of having no notion of how the call should go.  Rather, thinking about me searching for the number with an, "huh, that's interesting."  
Much less frustration-provoking than a whiny, "what the $%#*."
A possibility of peace exists with an approach more open and allowing of the unfolding of events, rather than the mental orchestrating and controlling of things out of my control which elicits a mental stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth when things go differently.

Of course, I forgot this flash of wisdom the next day, when I dropped a large stack of numerically ordered cards moments before it was time to leave.
Oh, yeah, and then I forgot it again when I reached home yesterday only to be reminded of an errand I had promised to do and had to go right back out again.
That time, a beautiful deer presented herself in the road on the trip 
and helped snap me out of it.
So, while I,  very humanly, often forget the lessons in the moment, my snap back to awareness occurs much more quickly now.
Thankful for the deer, rather than swearing at her.
Thank goodness.  Frustration blows.

And, not attached.
Pretty branches against a pink sky.
What they are and what they may be.