Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 7/365 Kindle

Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011

The toaster is a critical kitchen tool for a gluten-free Bogush.  
I have yet to meet a gluten-free bread or bagel that is 
even slightly edible if not toasted. 

Our trusty toaster was getting chronically cranky  - grabbing bread and ripping it, toasting only one side, and just generally making the pre-daybreak preparation of multiple breakfasts and lunches much more aggravating than making multiple breakfasts and lunches before sunrise can be all on its very own.  
This is not the way to behave, toaster! 
I wish you had been built to last and could have been with us forever, but alas now you will become a tinkering project.

Christmas came and I was given a lovely check from my mom and dad.  I feverishly read up on the Kindle e-reader I was considering and could practically feel it in my hands, when it dawned on me (ding!) that a better use of the windfall 
was to replace the toaster
...and to do it with a toaster oven!  
Oh yeah.  
I live a books-are-free-at-the-library kind of life, buying only a handful of books a year (for me, lots for the girls!).  Our girls are also doing more snack/small meal prep on their own and we generally believe the 
best use for a microwave is to store potholders, 
so a toaster oven seemed like a grand idea.  
When I shared my plan with Paul he disclosed that it has been 
a sort of small dream of his that we have a toaster oven.  
Meet Kindle, my toaster oven:
(The cranky, broken down toaster is actually visible in the sad is that?!  Now I'm feeling bad for a cranky toaster?!  I'm cranky sometimes....will I be replaced by a toaster oven some day!)
Sorry, back to the story...

Hopefully Kindle will be with us for a very long time.
It's 100% appropriate that the first thing we did with Kindle on it's
inaugural evening was melt cheese.
We are cheesy cheese-loving people.
In the morning we discovered it toasts bread so nicely and politely
- providing a delicate and pleasing crunch.
Now, I'm off to read an ink and paper book, borrowed from a friend 
while I enjoy my- you guessed it -gluten-free toast.
Kindle also provides an excuse to make some more pumpkin bread!