Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 19/365 Lights out

Lights out
Lights out
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
By early evening yesterday our trees looked like this:
So it was no big surprise when a couple of hours later we lost power.  
It was fantastic!  
DSCF3061 The hours before bedtime were spent 
crafting, creating, reading, and snuggling by the fire.
DSCF3074 (This is just as much a blessed side-effect of the kids' schools being closed and the unbelievably wonderful ensuing LACK OF HOMEWORK as it is a reaction to the power going out.  Without homework, our evenings look very much the same, only with lights and heat on and maybe a board game, a movie, or the Wii.)

I played around taking photos in the candlelight and shadows.
DSCF3066 I discovered that the self-consciousness I had last year about setting up pictures and shooting in front of Paul had dissolved.  I was even able to take some advice and direction from him without shouting "get your own blog!"  (Big time progress for me)!  This is a good thing because he's a very good photographer.  Part of my learning process seems to be lots of time to mess around with something on my own (365+ days in this case) and without expert advice until suddenly I'm ready to learn more.  Paul helped me achieve what I was going for in this photo below:
Later we donned winter hats and all paired up to snuggle 
under the bed covers for warmth and rest.
It was such a beautiful night!

Less awesome was waking up several hours later to a house suddenly filled with light when the power was (thankfully) restored, but somehow that made the time spent before bed even more special.

Update: Due to spotty internet service and Paul's 
unceasing shoveling and picking away at the unrelenting snow and ice, 
the release of "Sled-pocalypse: the Movie" has been delayed another day.
From the previews, I can tell you, it's worth the wait!