Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 17/365 Morning Bliss

Morning Bliss
Morning Bliss
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
I'm almost nearing the end of a really good book.  I was up before dawn reading in the sweet early morning silence of my sleeping house.  Warmed by my blanket and made human again by my hot coffee, what could be better?
 And then... 

...the view from my spot on the couch...

...the view from the deck.

I cannot resist the call of these breathtaking morning skies.  They draw me to step outside in the deep morning chill.  Today the icy deck cracked with my footsteps, amplified by the morning stillness.  It looked as though steam was rising from the mountain and then I heard the birds singing, promising Spring.
Back inside, my children rose, one at a time, to join me under my warm blanket, 
in turn sharing her night's dream.  
Now the pink has left the sky, my coffee's gone cold, and the sleepy silence is losing ground to the games being played in the back room.  
Another day begins.
I am thankful for the gift of those quiet and fleeting morning moments 
before the hustle and bustle of our day's adventures.