Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 15/365 Happy Trails

Happy Trails
Happy Trails
Paul managed a long trail for our sheep.  
DSCF2963 I managed some space in my day yesterday ~ a few hours spent laughing and enjoying time with friends ~ and a paring down of the to-do list (much of which was built on my perfectionist tendencies) had me feeling so much better yesterday that I could enjoy fully how beautiful and silly these sheep looked walking in their trail.  
DSCF2962 A trail of wool.  
DSCF2965 Things got very amusing when a traffic jam occured!
And, just because who can really ever get enough of sheep, a video for you:
Have a great Saturday!
I'll be spending mine with extended family I don't see nearly enough, having another Christmas celebration and watching the young cousins enjoy Fort Shaggyhill.