Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 14/365 Still so blessed

Still so blessed

Still so blessed
Flickr Project 365/ Creative Every Day 2011
~What a week it has been~
I tend toward high-sensitivity.  
OK, Paul, I can "see" you rolling your eyes.  
I'll admit~ I'm very, highly-sensitive.  
Sudden schedule changes, too much to do, family members in peril, little alone time, messes big and small, long past due holiday decorations, and lots and lots of soggy snow gear all over the place can have me feeling a bit wrung out.  
I'm wrung.  
I need quiet and space.
Today, the family has gone back to school, that's a little space.  
Although, I have a mile long to-do list which crowds things up a bit, but who doesn't?  
I can deal.  
And, then the furnace conked out.   
No heat.
And, baby it's cold outside.
And, still, I know it deep, deep down...
I am still so ridiculously blessed.  
As I looked for the furnace man's phone number, my living room began to glow pink.  
I turned around and there was *the sky*.  
DSCF2954 The gorgeous color didn't last long, but I caught it and am sharing it with you.
I hope you have a warm and toasty day filled with blessings!
I'll be waiting for the "furnace man" while counting mine.  
And, I'll be looking for ways to make my own "quiet".
I can see waiting and wishing for it isn't bringing it on and 
I can't appreciate it all if I'm wrung out! 

I'm cracking under the artistic pressure of all these "snow pictures".  
(Did I really just write that?!  LOL!)
They are adding to the noise and driving me nuts!  
Here's a giant "snowball" of the photos I took on the (truly amazing) Big Snowy Day, 
so I can be done with them!
(See~ wrung out=not appreciative!)