Saturday, December 18, 2010


After they left we noticed a boot print on our floor.  
Of course it hadn't been there before because we keep a spotless house.  
I had you there, huh?  
We are, in fact, "pretty sure" it wasn't there before 
and therefore it must belong to Santa.  
Annie, maker of many household signs, quickly sprang into action 
to preserve this special reminder of Santa's visit.  
It says "Don't Step" for those of you who don't read 8 year old.
Ah, yes, we are deep in the good right now.  
Deep in the good.


  1. You should have dusted for footprints, lifted it, and sent it to the lab for verification.

  2. Give it time, I'm figuring dust will collect on it and the print will appear ;-)


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