Monday, December 13, 2010


We visited my parents so the elves, Emma & Annie,
could help decorate the Christmas tree.  
It was such a treat to share the ornaments from my childhood with my kids.  
I'll be sharing photos of some of those in days to come!  
In today's photo, Emma is topping the tree with the angel.


  1. Emma surely loves placing the angel in its rightful place.
    I understand your love of sharing ornaments from your childhood with the little ones. I'm afraid all the ornaments we had when we were little are long gone. I remember there was one ornament in particular that was very special to my mother, my brother, and me. It was a deep blue with white "frosting" lettering that read "Silent Night" and a scene of the nativity also in " frosting." We took turns placing it on the tree each year. One year, my youngest brother broke it. Mother cried. So did my brother and I. I'm so glad you still have some of yours.

  2. (((Motherkitty))) the child in me hugs the dear child in you. I'm sorry about your lost ornament.

    I have to say, my parents have done a better job of preserving ornaments than we have. Many of our immediate family ornaments are broken or have gotten yucky and moldy. I feel bad about that. I don't feel like we have as many special ornaments, but maybe we do?? Maybe the ones we have are special to my children and I don't even really know it? Maybe when they are grown they'll look back and remember things I don't even realize they are taking notice of. And, in the meantime, as insurance, I'm adding "Make Macaroni Christmas Tree Ornaments" to our holiday prep list for next year!

    Christmas is so bittersweet in so many ways. Coming home from my parents last night (after this beautiful evening of decorating together), Bing Crosby came on the radio, singing The First Noel. It brought back my childhood, warm & fuzzy feelings of being a little girl so very loved by my grandparents. I was thinking of my Mimi and Papa in particular and about how much they would adore my children. So, here I was driving home with my girls through a dark and driving rain, looking at sparkly lights all around, listening to Bing - unable to sing along with him for the bittersweet tears & memories welling up from my heart. I have such a beautiful life and am so blessed it hurts sometimes!

    All my love to you and your family, Motherkitty, as you create new memories along your journey.


  3. Aimee ~

    Thank you so very much for the hug. It is greatly appreciated. I'm a hugger. My daughter always warns her friends, "My mom's a hugger, so be prepared." :-)

    I'm betting your children and grandchildren have many lovely memories about Christmas and very likely favorite ornaments, too. The Macaroni Christmas ornaments sound fun to make. Perhaps you could share how to make them in your blog. That would be fun!

    My eyes grew misty as you spoke of the drive home from your parents. Bing Crosby sang so beautifully. Last evening, I watched "White Christmas" and had tears well up in my eyes. (I do wish they made movies the way they used to.) Bing and Danny Kaye made a great team for the movie. (Okay, maybe not quite as good as Bing and Bob Hope, but still really good.)

    Thanksgiving and Christmas are rather difficult holidays for me, though I love both tremendously. My parents were killed in an explosion on 16 November 28 years ago, then 13 years ago my beloved brother was out walking and was struck and killed by a car three days before Christmas. I had spoken with him only nine days earlier on his 39th birthday. Despite the sadness, I love and appreciate both holidays.

    I am so happy to learn that you have had such a lovely life. From what I have come to know of you through your blog, I believe you are a warm, wonderful, deserving woman. I hope God will continue to bless you and yours forever. I'm sending you loving thoughts and best wishes. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. More hugs! I am so sorry for your astonishing and heartbreakingly tragic losses.

    I, too, know the devastation of loss.

    Could it be that it's those darkest of dark moments that have led us to *know*, truly *know* our blessings and hold them and appreciate them? A sort of gift (albeit one we never have asked for) that our departed loved ones continue to give us with each breath we take.

    Much, deep peace to you. It is a great pleasure and honor to know you if even just this little bit.

  5. Aimee ~

    I'm sure you are correct about losses teaching us to hold and appreciate our blessings. Though I do wish there was an easier way to teach us this. Ah, such is life. I am certainly a stronger woman for the lessons I have learned.

    Do you know, I believe we have begun a rather nice friendship? One I am grateful for. I feel blessed to have "met" you, and think you have been brought into my life for a reason. I'm sure you have much to teach me. Things are done in God's time, not ours. I can't help wondering why He led me to your blog just recently and why, but trust that He has his reasons. I choose to be open to what you have to share.

    Thanks so much for being there, and for sharing the things you do on your blog and your messages. Peace be with you!


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