Monday, December 27, 2010


*Loving* New England today!  
I'm sharing some views of the first official blizzard of the season.
From inside, of course ~ I'm not going out there!  
I am, however, the only one on self-imposed house arrest, 
(complete with hot coffee and warm pumpkin bread).  

Paul is clearing paths and exits, 

 the girls are bundled up for snow play and sledding, 

 and the poor dog doesn't know quite understand what's happening.
Feeling thankful for hearth and home today!
I think I'll put on another pot of coffee and just continue to watch the show. 
Looks like they've fired up the sleds.
 We have quite a hill!
Hope you have a blessed day whether filled with snow or sun.


  1. the sledding looks THRILLING!

    hmmm... we could fire up the lawn mowers and pull each other in the truck bed liner!

    Probably no snow here 'til January or February!

    Have a great time-- be safe!
    Love the photos!

  2. That is "quite a hill" especially with a tree right in the middle of it! :-o


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