Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 Caught this photo last night during "Family Wii Night" and I have a great and important (that's a joke) post brewing about authenticity and learning to read and what's right about the way human learners learn and how foolish the teaching (and assessment) of reading can often be in school, but I have the chance right now to snuggle up with my girls and watch a really great movie and so I'm just going to post this quick and know what I know and spare you all from hearing me drone on about reading lessons (and the dreaded "Reading Log", for goodness sakes) and how wonderful and powerful is the "reading lesson" learned from (the blessing of) sitting in your dad's lap
after he's read a book to you 
and is now reading his own...
 From getting him the dictionary to look up an exotic word...
...and then flipping through the thesaurus looking for more exotic words 
because you want to.  
 From having a heart to heart discussion about why and how you choose the books you choose and hearing about how your dad chooses his, while your sister kicks butt in the Wii fit obstacle course. 

Ah-em, well, I seem to have droned on a bit without even trying!
(Emma was running back to The Last Hero, by Rick Riordan 
after each of her turns, too.)


I'm jealous because I'm in between books and feeling quite desperate!  
I need to hit the library tomorrow. snuggling!


  1. Being a veteran homeschool mom myself... let's just say: I know what you mean about the lessons of reading.
    They learn best in moments like these-- sounds fun and it brings back memories. Have fun!

  2. On those long trips up to Maine and back with the boys, I read aloud to them and my husband. What a joy! My boys are both avid readers into adulthood, and I read mainly at night-get through a couple of pages before falling asleep. Thank goodness for vacation. I finished Cutting for Stone (almost 700 pages)pretty much on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and finished it in the car on the ride home on Monday. It's a great read, and I highly recommend it. Want to borrow it?
    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Corn in my Coffee-Pot and Mrs. Stanley, so glad you both stopped by ;-)

    I'd love to borrow Cutting for Stone, thanks!


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