Friday, November 19, 2010


Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 11/19/2010:
 It's been a hectic week with work during the day and meetings at night.
Food had dwindled down to gluten-free crumb sandwiches with a side of air.  I was shopping the snack cabinet at work making lunches of skittles and cheetos.  
I'm exaggerating slightly here, but you get the picture!
And then, it hit me: Peapod
 It was almost like getting a massage.  
A truck full of the food I ordered showed up in my driveway (not all those boxes are for me!).  My children thought this was one of The Most Amazing Things Ever Witnessed which set them in motion running back and forth with the bags of groceries.  The man never had to set foot off the truck!  

Between the cost of the fee and the tip and the increasing moral and environmental guilt (intensified with the writing of this post) - this will remain a rare occurrence around here.  
A guilty pleasure, I guess.
But, man-o-man when I need it, it's there!

I am very (and humbly) aware of how amazing it is that I live a life in which during a stressful week,  my options include ordering up a truck of food 
and having it delivered to my driveway.

Deep gratitude.