Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 10/05/2010:
So much for blue or beige.  We went with a BLACK kitchen!
Chalkboard black walls, Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore) ceiling,
drop cloth curtains...ahhhh, that's better!
(What it looked like before. )
Here are some other views:
 It is a blessing to be.  It is a blessing to be here.  It is a blessing to be here together.
 That's my grandma's hutch below, passed down from her to my mom and now to me!
It used to be brown, but we painted it black (not chalkboard)
and it looks smashing in the dining room.
The other "china cabinet" is an old chicken coop.
That's Shaker Beige (Benjamin Moore) on two of the dining room walls.
All the trim is Acadia White (Benjamin Moore).
We've yet to let the girls write on the chalk board walls
because the paint has been drying.
They are so excited to let loose!
Here's the view from the chair in the playroom in which I'm sitting right now:
 Check out that gorgeous purple on the playroom wall!
Oh yes, fresh paint in there too.
We've been painting for three weeks!
The girls chose Grape Ice by Benjamin Moore.  It really is so pretty and goes well with the Shaker Beige in the hallway leading to the dining room.

Thank you, Paul - you worked your tail off!
Nice foot on the counter, lol!
It's been cleaned since (the counter, not so sure about the foot!)


  1. Well, it's just stunning! What a great idea to use chalkboard paint on the walls! All the hard work paid off handsomely! nancy

  2. What a stunning choice of colors. I have managed to put some purple in my bathroom and I would like to have some eggplant purple in my living room when the time comes to paint...we'll see if I chicken out.

  3. I really like the contrast between the cabinets and the walls! Great job :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I am still so pleased with the outcome myself. We are enjoying writing on the walls too! Paul asked if we have plans to keep going - specifically decluttering, sprucing up, and painting our bedroom. He'd like to do it soon, it seems so much more dingy now that the other rooms look so spiffy ;-)


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