Thursday, September 9, 2010

The kangaroos are assembling...

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 9/9/2010:
I took this photo at a recent Kangaroo Meeting, 
held at the lake in town and facilitated by Annie.  
What's happened here?  What do you think they are thinking, saying? 


  1. It's a Rainbow Coalition meeting.

  2. What fun!!

    I'd like to be invited to that kangaroo meeting!

    A joyous time seems to be had by all! Great creative photo!

  3. Oh Aimee, This is tooo funny and droll! It looks like fun in the sun and water. The ones on the back look like they're sunning there tummies. And the others are just enjoying the waterhole. Of course, there has to be one that tries to orchestrate things, and that would be the pinkish one. I can hear her (and it would be a her) saying "let's get organized"...and everyone else would be politely ignoring her and enjoying the day!

    FUN photo!

  4. Thanks for playing along, Jessica, EVA, and Peggy! LOL!

  5. It is obvious they are playing Kanga the Mountain ;)


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