Saturday, September 11, 2010

~Just pears~

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 9/11/2010:

~ Holding close all those changed by September 11, 2001~

The attack that day was one month and one day after Nathan died.  
I was already grieving and then, so was the nation. 

I chose this photo for today because these pears have been calling to me the last few days as I dashed off to work and errands running past the tree in our yard.  This is Nathan's Tree.  Friends of ours in Bethany came together to present us with the tree after Nathan died.  Nine years later, I am in a stage of grief in which I recognize and find immense comfort from the gifts my son - his life and his death - gave me.  
The fruits of my grief seem to ripen and sweeten with time.  
I could write all about that, here on 9/11, or they could just be pears. 
Just pears.  

Sometimes things become heavy with sentiment and "over thought" and really, 
to me, right now, these are mostly just pears with a little glance toward
this whole idea of the "fruits of grief" and such.  
I'm choosing to leave that unexamined.  
Not every question needs an answer.

I should note, that's something only the bereaved get to say, "fruits of grief."  I wouldn't recommend asking a bereaved friend or family member if they've 
discovered the "fruits of their grief" yet.   
You may wind up with a much deserved knuckle-sandwich. 

Again, holding close in heart and thought all those whose lives changed on that day and sending up prayers for peace and healing.


  1. I so would love to say something meaningful but have no words to express it. I am so sorry for your lost *hugs*

  2. Thank you Mari. You said it perfectly and it's much appreciated. xoxo


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