Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catch up

I've allowed the adjusting to a new school year and new schedules, picnics, 
swimming, impromptu date nights, *HEAT*, hurricanes, crocheting, reading, relaxing, dog misadventures, and change-of-season migranes 
to keep me away from both snapping photos and blogging.  
(And, I must say, I'm feeling my photos are so blurry - it's discouraging.  Hmmm.)  
I'm trying to catch up and get back on track with the 365 project.

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 9/5/2010:
 Annie's Happy Feet.

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 9/6/2010:
 Emma showed great enthusiasm for the first watermelon ever grown here at Shaggyhill Farm.  Its the "moon and stars" variety, complete with seeds.  
Way to go, Paul! 

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 9/7/2010:
Paul and I recently had a date day in New York followed by a game at Yankee Stadium (thanks to my father-in-law).  It is always such a treat to see a Yankee game, win or lose.  I so enjoy the city, the stadium, and spending time with the men in my life.


  1. Hi Aimee! I REALLY like the happy feet! I see a composition of fun organic shapes contrasting great diagonals and angles. But, mostly I like the suggestion of happy feet!

    They're all wonderful photos and I had fun scrolling through your blog.

  2. The men in your life? Me and the Yankees?

  3. @Peggy, thanks! You've given me a new way to look at my photos and I appreciate that ;-)

    @Paul, lol, you and the Yankees made me laugh! I was thinking of our dad's, I sometimes go to the games with them too, ya know. You are in a category all your own...favorite-est ;-) xoxo

  4. You are so beautiful.


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