Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

 I took this photo on my "2nd Annual Visit to the Brooklyn Bridge" with Paul.  
This is one of my very favorite places because of the amazing and huge mass of people from all over the world that gathers here each day.  
I love the hum of humanity moving on this historic bridge.   
It reminds me that I am part of something much, much bigger than lil' ol' me. 
I especially like to be here with Paul.


  1. Did you eat at Grimaldi's?

  2. Never walked on a huge bridge, this one or otherwise. It looks like maybe I should? I'd see it in a different way.

    LOVED your profile text! I think it's one of the best profiles I ever read. The reference back to "lack of attachment" when you gave peace so others maybe not liking you, HA HA HA! I have recently learned some things about "attachment"... so that really spoke to me. Really funny. Thanks for that :-)


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