Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We three

 The girls and I went to Mystic, CT for an overnight.  The trip is Annie's self-selected birthday gift.  Last year it was just she and I who went (at her request) and this year Annie invited Emma to join us.  I snapped the above photo on our way into one of the exhibits.  The three flowers, the three of us...it resonated with me.

Most of the photos from the Seaport show the girls squinting into the hot, hot sun,
 but, here's Annie in the boat building building (hee-hee):
And, Emma swabbing the deck:
Here they are at our dinner table at the S & P Oyster House.  
That's the drawbridge in the background.  
After dinner we walked across the bridge for delicious ice cream followed by lots of swimming at the Hyatt Place's outdoor pool.  (Booked on hotwire for a great rate!)
Poolside we met interesting and lovely people from South Carolina 
who like to play games in the water and 
I had a lively conversation with a teacher from the 
Chicago Public Schools about the alphabet of atrocities that is 
NCLB and PBIS (RTI, DIBELS, blah, blah, blah) and how great teachers can still teach and learners can still learn while mired in all of that nonsense. 

Topped off with some shopping, stories told to alleviate lightning and thunder fears, and giggles, the overnight was lots of fun!