Saturday, July 10, 2010

Signs of Life, from the playroom door...

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 7/10/2010:
 It was a mess of monumental chaos.  
The girls cleaned their bedroom which heavily impacted the playroom.  
They ran out of time to deal with that situation, closed the door and slapped on this warning to me.  Complete with skull and crossbones.
It was scary, lol!
 All is well again in that part of the house - I had to retrieve the sign from the trash can to photograph it.  It's safe to travel in these parts again!


  1. I especially like the exclamation points - just in case the skull and crossbones didn't get the full message across!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Jenny, lol, I hadn't even noticed the exclamation points!!! Hysterical!!!

  3. this is so cute. glad you went into the trash can to get the note. have a good evening.


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