Monday, July 12, 2010

Signs of Life, from the kitchen...

 Found this gem on the kitchen island.  
Maybe Annie thinks the cook is under appreciated, although I suspect it's a left over from a game of "restaurant."  It makes me smile!


  1. Very cool your project. I liked the pictures, big hug!

  2. Thank you much, eFe! Glad you stopped by ;-)

  3. OMG - these images you are posting are BRILLIANT! I have file full of stuff from my daughter ... I just love how their minds work! Like, she will say "You're trying to egg me up" when she means "butter" and I just love that visual!

    I hope you get some good tips! I'm afraid my cliental are a tad too surly a crew to be good tippers :)

    xo Lis (coming over from CED)

  4. @ Lis thank you so much for stopping by! LOL! I love the "egging up" ;-)


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