Friday, July 9, 2010

Signs of Life and Metallica on Kazoo

 Seriously.  I love these people.  

Signs of Life
I noticed several signs around my home this week.  They tickled me and amused me and helped me remember how much I love this quirky place and these quirky people.  How funny that we post signs everywhere.  Some don't make any sense to me, but I love the scrawling script and often accompanying illustrations.  Today's photo is of a sign I found this morning, written on a sticky note paper, and stuck to a living room chair.  It was left to remind Paul to get the Barbies out of the car (they traveled to the river yesterday) and is "signed kids".

Girls on the Town, 2010
The next few days are a whirlwind of gatherings and a trip to Boston which we are calling "Girls on the Town, 2010" because I seriously love to name things.  It was supposed to be a "Girls Tag-a-long While Paul Attends a Conference" event, but due to Karma's unanticipated arrival and non-refundable internet rates, we are going without our trusty Favorite Person who will keep Karma company and make sure she does her business in the proper place.  We'll miss that man and those of you within 100 miles of Shaggyhill Farm will probably hear a lot of really loud Metallica and Iron Maiden echoing through the land.  

In honor of "Paul's 48 hours Without the Family to Blast His Music" weekend, I bring you Metallica's Enter Sandman on kazoo by Mr. Tim 
first shown to me by the most awesome Fabeku Fatunmise...


More signs to follow...