Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be napping

 While Emma is away in Lake George with Paul's parents and our niece, Annie and I spent a relaxing, lazy summer day together on Monday.  
We dubbed the day "Beading, Baking, Blanket & Books" because we love to name things and...well...we beaded, baked, picniked, and read together.  
How clever!  
We even took an official "Break" with homemade 
iced tea and Paul (who was Busy gardening).
 When I tried to fit napping into the schedule I was told it wasn't possible because napping didn't start with the letter "B".  I'm too tired smart for that though -- I called it "Be Napping" and caught some zzzzz's.
 Funny that no issues were raised when we decided to go to Lake Compounce in the evening and that starts with "L".  
We had a Blast there, so I guess it's OK ;-)
I love these days.


  1. The photos of all those beads are just beautiful!

  2. Beads are so much fun! Enjoy those lazy summer days.

  3. Thanks, Mary. Hope you are having a wonderful summer ;-)


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