Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Pink Roses

Whispers of the Pink Rose
Standing in my enchanted garden upon tip-toes
I tried to reach the upper-most pink rose
My daughter came running, her face aglow
Dear mom, why do you love the pink rose so
And my thoughts spun back in time
To my favourite pastime
I remembered that day clearly, I was so sad
And feeling a bit left out too, I must add
I know now that the pink rose will always prevail
As the memory lane to my very first fairy tale
It was the day I was bewitched like no other
And the pink rose became the symbol for my mother
On that warm, golden and crisp spring day
A day when my Daddy seemed so far away
My favourite playmate, my big sister
Her first day of school had concurred
The baby was crying and chaos rained
I started crying too, everything was insane
Then as if by magic, Chaos merged into Peace
My baby-sister was soon fast asleep
The house was refreshingly spick and span
And mystical awakenings had began
Eyes sparkling, I floated dreamily on soft lap
As Mom opened a book nicely wrapped
Mesmerizing, she slowly turned the pages
I saw dragons and princesses from all ages
But what enraptured me most of all
Were pink roses forming a castle wall
And as the story of Sleeping Beauty unfurled
I was transported to a magical world
Dear daughter, seemingly in a wink
My mother had transformed Sorrow into Roses of Pink
A fragrant memory of that day still flows
I still hear the alluring whispers of the pink rose
Sweet Pink Roses to remind me
of a mother so clever

May pink roses bloom in your life too...forever