Monday, April 5, 2010

Hotdogs, beautiful, hotdogs?

Hot dogs, beautiful hot dogs!
We are so lucky that Paul raises pigs here on our property, 
Shaggyhill Farm.  

We have our own steady supply of nitrate-free, preservative-free 
hot dogs made from our own meats.  
The hot dogs are smoked for us at Noack's Smokehouse and 
the inaugural roasting on a warm April evening 
is truly a beautiful food event at our house each year!

A food you can eat while on the swings with your sister ~ perfect!

Of course a healthy, homemade dinner on a stick is nicely 
balanced by another special food on a stick.



  1. Oh, I love hot dogs and to make them for yourself? I just might spontaneously combust with joy!

    And hey - fabulous name there for your daughter! :-) (Thank you for posting on my blog!)

  2. I will carry the phrase "spontaneously combust with joy!" with me today. Thanks for the smile!!!


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