Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hope you're hungry!

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 4/1/2010:

This month's theme is Beautiful Food.

It came to me as I sat across from these amazing lemon bars 
baked by "Cousin Brooke".  
Brooke is just all around amazing ~ she's incredibly beautiful inside and out ~ a super mom, smart, and funny, AND to top it off she's a fantastic cook and baker.  
Brooke is thoughtful in choosing things people will enjoy and she isn't afraid to experiment with new recipes.  
I always look forward to her treats!

While these lemon bars contained gluten so I couldn't taste them, I was able to greatly enjoy them visually 
(as only a gluten-free person can understand!).   
This month's Creative Every Day theme is "5 Senses
so this worked perfectly!

Lemon bars were a childhood favorite for me.  
I often requested them of my mom.  
I do have a yummy gluten free recipe, but find them too sweet 
a bit sweeter and of a slightly different consistency 
than the ones my mom would make.  

In any event, these beauties made me smile and 
are the inspiration for April's theme.  

So, break out the elastic waist pants, sit back, and 
enjoy a month of beautiful food!