Monday, March 1, 2010

Retrospective moments...

Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 photo for 3/1/10:

February's moments...made with Picasa -- did I mention 
how much I love making collages .

Below is a wordle of my blog post titles for the month.  
Had some fun with this too!
And, lastly, pulling out all the stops here...
...a photo story of the month's photos.  

I've been thinking about how to approach my project for March.  Leah at Creative Every Day  suggests "stories."  I've also become enthralled with "edges" in some recent photographs and have been noticing "textures" around the house.  Then, of course, it would be nice to look for "signs of Spring."  

As of now, I remain undecided...I know, you all could care less, lol are on the edge of your seats.  I'm buying myself a day with today's retrospective and I have a really fun post ready for tomorrow.  But, after that...well...we'll just have to see what calls to me.  

In the meantime, please take a moment to check out Glamasaurus and her "Daily Ninja" photos ~ they are SO funny!  Brilliant!  (Hmmm, maybe "daily lettuce?")

I thank everyone who has visited this space.  I thank everyone who has left me comments here and those who have commented on facebook and flickr.  I thank everyone who has offered encouragement face to face.  
It means a lot to me and I hope you'll continue to stop on by!