Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hope springs...

Paul planted in the garden yesterday.  It's a brand new patch he's just starting off this year.   
This seed packet, marking the row of carrots, looked so optimistic to me!  

For more years than I can recount, Paul has planted a garden.  
The work involved is astounding to someone like me who pulls weeds for 10 minutes and needs the rest of the week to recover!

Each year something seems to foil his plans somewhere down the line.  
For a few early years, things grew beautifully, but family tragedies and other challenges seemed to occur at harvest time 
and many things didn't get picked.  The last few years, weather has been the obstacle.  
Oh, and then there are the groundhogs and rabbits.  

Despite it all, through sheer will combined with problem-solving, composting, 
and a lot creative fencing, 
Paul has managed to grow a surprising variety of nourishing fruits and vegetables.  
I am so grateful for his efforts!

And, each mid-winter, Paul is at his garden planning again.  
I love listening to his vision for the year.  I never tire of hearing his plan.
Each spring, he's out there turning soil and planting food potential.  
It is such a hopeful exercise.  
The persistence.  
The courage to try again this year!  
He understands the trials and tribulations are part of the process.  
I actually think this may be part of the appeal for him.  
The struggle and the challenge add to the sense of satisfaction of creating 
amazing food from the earth with one's hands and heart. 

He doesn't give up!  It's really very inspiring.  

And, when his hard work and Mother Nature are in harmony...well, it's absolutely delicious!  

He's planting early for our area.  Taking a risk that usually pays off.  
And, yesterday, on what was a glorious first day of Spring, he raised the beds and in the ground went the carrots and lettuce.
And, then last night he checked the weather...and would you look at that...
He's a fighter though and he and Emma covered the garden in plastic 
so the 2-3 inches of rain expected will not wash away his seeds.

I'm pulling for you babe!  
Despite a rainy start, it feels like this is going to be a banner year for your garden.  
Hope springs up in me when I think about it.  
Don't give up!

This month's theme is reflected in this you see it?