Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guess that theme!

(Annie painted these!)
I'm tired.  
The beautiful moon shone brightly upon me, my mind got going, 
and well...I didn't get enough sleep.  

(Cool shots of the moon, "noticed" by Annie, 
photographed by Paul and Emma, 
collaged by me)

I also feel a bit disconnected from the ones I love at this moment (my perennial complaint!).  
And, I have an intense urge to clean, organize, decorate for Spring feather my nest.  
Is it any wonder then that I was drawn to these amazing bird houses?  
(Get it?  Nesting!)
OK, maybe I'm stretching, maybe I'm delirious with exhaustion, maybe I'm making up stories and meaning out of randomness...but it seems to fit.  I discerned a theme out of this too...but...I've decided not to just announce what it is.  
As the month progresses, see if you can guess!
For us, each year, March is a very busy month and it rolls 
right into a whole season of busy-ness for our family.  
I intend to be mindful.  
I intend to be connected and centered -- nested inside and outside of our little bird farm house as much as possible -- ringing in Spring together with snuggles, with books, with hikes, with chicken trailers, with seeds and soil and sunshine. 

I recently stumbled upon a interesting farming blog - check out Throwback at Trapper Creek.