Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watch out for Annie’s finger!

From noses to buttons, watch out for Annie’s finger these days!

Playing “Truth or Dare” with the kids on our way home last night…
Me, “Annie, truth or dare?”
Annie, “Dare!”
Me, “Mmmm, OK, clean out your belly button lint.”
Annie, “Already done.”
Me, “Clean out your dad’s belly button lint.”
Annie, “Already done.”
(She and Paul had wrestled earlier in the day during which 
they apparently “cleaned each other’s belly buttons!”)
Me, “OK, clean out Emma’s belly button lint.”
Annie, “I don’t need to.  Emma has an extremely clean belly button.”
Me, “How do you know Emma has a clean belly button?”
Annie, “One night while sleeping, I turned over and accidentally stuck my finger in her belly button.  
It was very clean!.”

Moments like this…you can’t make this up!  LOL!

Not surprisingly, no one would willingly provide their belly button for photographing 
so I had to draw one…