Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm going to explore a new theme for a bit..."Moments...".  I have loads more sentimental objects (January's theme), many more actually (so many, they feel heavy right now...).

I've found myself running about, juggling schedules and to do lists, balancing the shoulds with the coulds....well, you know this story, too, maybe?  

I often will hear my own voice rising up asking, "Where are the quiet moments?"

I think they are happening.

I think I'm just missing them.

So...for a while I will dabble in them...moments...some quiet and some not.

My Most Amazing Emma in the moment after she rode the Sky Bike above the Atruim at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  To recap:

A bike... the sky!
I love the first photo...she's flush from the excitement and achievement, a thrilling test of courage and independence.  
Keep an eye on this one, she's going places!


  1. I need the reminder about moments. Please continue to post them (if only to keep reminding me!).

    (Were these pictures taken this weekend? Were you and the girls in Philly?)

  2. Me, too! It's a slippery slope, getting caught up in the day to day and forgetting to stop and see the moments. I'll be reminding myself as well, I hope!

    (Yes, we were in Philly...the aquarium I tweeted about was the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. We hit the zoo, too. It's a great city to visit with kids. Last year we did the "historical sites." Next year, art ;-))

  3. Way To Go Emma! Wow that looks exciting and terrifying at the same time! Glad you are having fun and sharing it with us.


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