Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And she danced!

My sweet Emma came home looking at Pandora Radio, trying to find Blue Jupiter.  We couldn't find it, but made a station called "acapella."  
Well, take my breath away, let it wash all over us, 
let it swirl and swell and sweep me right up...
...up and back...back to when I was a teenager...back in my bedroom...drapes drawn, door closed, dancing and dancing and dancing.  
Accidentally, I found a moment...a moment for me...3 minutes and 58 seconds actually.  

And I danced...

...I danced like no one was watching.

Moments are fragile and fleeting and eventually interrupted.  But, for that time...the wound-up-tight, perfectionist, list-making, just-trying-so-very-hard me was free and beautiful and graceful and light and caught up in something wholly out of my head and in the flow.
I could cry!  
And, I highly recommend Penn Masala's On Detours!


  1. What a fun post! Isn't Pandoria radio the best? I'm listening to it right now and only wish I could shut my office door and dance all day. :-)

  2. Pandora is the best!

    I just listened to the Glee Cast singing Mercy -- I had an entire dance routine choreographed in my head, involving the contractors here at work -- I'm sitting here with this silly grin on my face, picturing them singing and dancing, lol!

    Thanks for the comment ;-)

  3. Aimee--

    just checking out your blog here. Thanks for popping in on mine and the encouragement.

    I'll be following yours too -- enjoying the workshop series over at Donna's


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