Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tattered angel...

(My Project 365/Creative Every Day Photo)
Friday's Every Day Creative/Flickr Project 365 "Sentimental Object" photo is taken from an angel given to me by a friend who passed through my life, but not before she changed me ~ another incredibly wise, strong, compassionate, peace-loving, kind, smart, funny and artful woman who left her mark on me.  

This beautiful angel has fallen off the wall hundreds of times.  She's lost the pretty, delicate, lacy banner she used to hold, and the crown on her head.  Her toes look chewed off, but she's still holding up, and I love her for it. 

She currently sits outside my bedroom door, near another window from PopPop's and some spin art by Annie, reminding me of the beauty that has been brought into my life by people like this now far-away friend who has had many struggles of her own and shared so generously of herself.  

Who has come and gone, but left the beauty of their spirit in your life?

UPDATE: I have just found a beautiful project over at The Pleated Poppy and I may transform the window a'la "New Life for an Old Door".