Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soothing stones...

Today's Creative Every Day/Flickr Project 365 "Sentimental Object" photo:

We have a small bowl of "Soothing Stones."  You can sit, run the stones through your hands, and just breathe.  You may just find the "Ahhhhhh!" stone.  
(The intention is "Ahhhh" as in the sound you make when you exhale a deep breath...not the "Ahhhh" you shriek when you've just seen a spider.  I'm dealing with some parenting trials and tribulations tonight and that stone looks a whole lot like the sound you make when you are pulling out your hair!)  

Are you mocking me, soothing stone?!??  Huh?  You want a piece of this??  Let me see what you've got, Mrs. Soothing Mc-Soothy pants.


  1. Where can I find soothing stones? I want some badly!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I purchased mine at The Auracle in Southington, CT ( It's been a few years now.

    You could make your own I think, with a small, shallow bowl and some pebbles from a lake or river? Mmmmm, that could be very nice. And, some craft stores sell small stones, I believe, if you can't get to a river or lake, maybe a craft store?

    Good luck! And, breathe!

  3. Thank you for your speedy response!
    I will visit the website.
    (By the way - your best advice was simply "breathe.")
    Thanks a bunch.


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