Monday, January 11, 2010

Do you see what I see?

I see reflections of love, of happiness and joy, of craziness and whimsy, of tears and smiles, of crazy dance moves, of laundry and laughter, of comings and goings, of books read and cuddles shared...

This mirror is sentimental as it is made from a window that comes from Pop Pop's house.  Pop Pop, Paul Lipkvich, is Paul's grandfather.  Paul and I lived at Pop Pop's early in our marriage, while I was pursuing my Master's in Education in a program that had me interning during the day and in a full load of classes at night.  I couldn't have completed my degree without Pop Pop graciously allowing us to live with him -- there was no time for me to have a paying job during that year.  We ended up staying with him for two years and when the windows were replaced in the house, we nabbed them.  Paul and I made mirrors out of several of them.

All those years letting in the sun at Pop Pop's and now this window sits in my living room, bearing witness to our family's life.

Look carefully and you'll see more writing all over the house (on the mantel and along the ceiling - oh yes I did, gah!), you'll see other sentimental objects to be featured in future posts, and the dust and fingerprints living a full life leaves little time to clean.  I look forward to many more reflections of our life in this mirror, as we grow ourselves, our marriage, our children, and their children...

just. love. it.

Is there an object in your home that has been witness to your changing family?