Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colors of friendship...

Here's my Project 365 "Sentimental Object" photo for today:
I see a flower in there, do you?  
Can you guess what this is?

Take a step back....

How about now?

Isn't it pretty?!  

Hanging in my window its beauty transforms as the lighting changes, shifting, sometimes spinning, reflecting light and color -- a beautiful metaphor for my life's journey.  It is a friendship ball given to me by someone very, very special to me.  A dear friend, who is also my Annie's godmother.  I have had it hanging in my window ever since I received it (except for a few months when it hung precariously from a tack in my bedroom -- eeek!).  

I see it every day and it reminds me of the connections we have to one another and it inspires me to live my life with the spirit my friend lives hers, with kindness, courage, faith, humor, generosity, and artfulness.  She puts those traits into action again and again, shining her light into the lives of those around her.

When I and my family donate to the Red Cross tonight (Haiti Relief), I'll be thinking of the people in need and the people who help, in ways big and small -- people like my friend.